DIY Cake Smash Photo Tips and Ideas

DIY Cake Smash Photo Tips and Ideas

Birthday cake

A cake smash photo session is ideal to remember a child’s first birthday. We all know that the first birthday is an important milestone for our young ones, so it’s essential to make this event as memorable and fun for your baby. 

You can create your cake smash photos at home. To help you get started, we’ve come up with the following cake smash photo session ideas that you can easily follow and set up at home. 

Room with natural lights

To capture a great photo, it’s advisable to look for a bright area in your home where you can set up your photography theme and props. For instance, setting up the session in a room where there’s plenty of natural light will more likely give you a soft and natural look for your photo. 


When you are looking for a theme, we recommend to colour coordinate everything including your background theme and props. Make sure to choose a specific theme for your children’s outfit, accessories and props. Having too many different colours in an image can make it look too busy, so it’s important to keep your theme colours simple and coordinated. 

Choosing a cake

A Frosted cake is, of course, a must for this occasion. Depending on your preference, ideally, a small size cake would be perfect for your young ones. However, a large cake could also be used for a fun photo session too. When it comes to choosing the colour of your cake, it’s best to select a coloured cake instead of a white one as they will turn out more visible and vibrant on an image. 


A cake smash session can turn out to be very messy, so keeping your props simple can prevent the image from looking too busy. It’s ideal to include only one or two accessories in your set up so that the picture is still focused on your baby and not too much on the props. You can choose from a variety of affordable props including balloons, paper mache, cake stands, wall decor, flowers and so much more. You can be creative as you like and feel free to add a personal prop for your baby as well. 

Encourage your baby

When a cake is placed in front of a child, most of them might be disinterested or aren’t too sure of what to do with the cake. So encouraging them to try the cake by showing them that it’s edible will more likely get them interested in digging in. This way you can capture more actions and expressions from your baby during the moment. 

Add your pet in the picture

If you have any pets at home, you can also add them to the scene. The best time to add your pets is when the cake is almost finished as they are most likely to clean and finish the rest of the cake. Capturing your baby and your pet at the same time will create an even more wonderful photo to look back on.

If you don’t fancy a DIY cake smash photos for your boy  or your girl, you can always look for a professional photographer to do the job for you. who are located near Hertfordshire offers a variety of photography sessions including a cake smash photo, newborn photos, family pictures and so much more. 

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