Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Now I know you’re getting pretty excited and jumpy (we can’t blame you!) so maybe you need to take the first few tiny steps into planning your big wedding day. You can start with notes, some research from the internet, some advice from close friends and relatives who have first-hand experience — will you have a theme? Will you want to make it simple, brief but intimate? Or do you want to make it the grandest wedding you’ve ever seen? You may need all the help you can get that’s why always be open to suggestions and wedding ideas you may come across so by the time you need to decide on what to get, you’d be all set and ready to go.

When organising this big day, you can really experiment with the venue. You may be married in a church, in the town hall or on a beach, but where will your guests eat and relax after? Reception rooms and halls can be expensive and not always to your taste. One great idea you could consider is hiring a wedding marquee. By using one, you can really experiment with the décor, hold hundreds of guests, create an eating area and dance floor in one. These elegant canopies will be significantly less costly than other options, and you can really make it your own.

If you are struggling finding a good venue, how to decorate the room, rent furnishings, set the tables and organise food, you might need some professional assistance. Before you get too overwhelmed, you should consider hiring an event management company, who will also double as a wedding caterer and planner. All you have to do is tell the planners your vision and they can work out what would be best and how it can be made possible. Wedding venues also have in-house planners you can hire with packages you can easily choose from. Check the hotels around your area that offer this complete service.

Everyday, make sure you make progress until you decide on a wedding date — that’s when our schedule needs to be more organised and decided so you will be accomplishing more each day. A wedding date may you and your partner’s anniversary, the day of your first date, first kiss — anything goes. Or you may want it at summer or winter, fall — you may want to have the weather’s cooperation. Planning and brainstorming with your partner can be so much fun! You can even invite a few close friends over, share a bottle of champagne and talk about it if you want. Again, anything goes. It’s purely you and your partner’s prerogative.

Once you have decided your perfect wedding venue, whether it is in a church, on a beach or a city hall, you will need to start thinking of the other essential things you need fo the big day. This will include flowers, entertainment, catering and a photographer. Make sure you capture every moment of this special day, as you will want to always remember it.

Always remember: this is supposed to be one of the best days of your life — you will be celebrating love, friendship, commitment, responsibility and romance all together — nothing can be a more perfect day than this. Once everything is prepared, you can get that much awaited beauty sleep or massage, get yourself pampered and groomed a day before you march down the aisle to welcome your new, blissful life with your partner. Congratulations! Keep the love alive!

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