Wedding Rule #1 – Don’t Forget The Hen Night!

Wedding Rule #1 – Don’t Forget The Hen Night!

Hen night

For any woman getting married, a hen night is an important ritual to let loose before the wedding. In order to have a great hen night, guests should help to prepare for the event by purchasing items that will make the night memorable and fun. A hen night should celebrate the bride and also be a great experience for all of the guests; by adding personalised touches, guests can create an event that will be memorable forever. Don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture those special moments. You can employ the services of the same professional photographer covering your wedding. You can make it part of your pre wedding package.

Guests should consider purchasing a number of hen night accessories that will be used by the bride and guests alike. One of the easiest ways to stand out and create a memorable event is to purchase customised items, such as hen party t shirts. These shirts can be ordered through companies that specialise in creating great hen night events and can be made to the group’s preference. For instance, the group might add the bride’s name and a saying about the hen night. Different shirts can also be printed for the guests so that everyone has a unique gift to remember the evening by. Also, the hen night t shirts can be printed in a variety of colours, which will help the group to stand out in the crowd.

Some hen nights end up being vacation trips, and the group could also make a shirt to commemorate the experience as well. Many companies will also print girls holiday t shirts, which can be used in the same way as a hen night t shirt. All the group would have to do would be to think of a catchy phrase and add the dates to commemorate the holiday experience. While on the trip, the group could wear their t shirts when they go out on the town, which is a great way to show that they are celebrating a special event. Again, the group will then be left with a great way to remember a fun weekend with friends. These would also be a great idea for your husband-to-be, you could create a range of stag night t shirts which have been personalised for each stag, humorous designs will work best!

celebrateGroups should also consider smaller accessories as a way to make the bride stand out. For instance, groups can purchase items like tiaras, feather boas, or jewellery that show the someone is getting married. Some of the most fun accessories that can be used are hen night sashes, which can also be customised. The group can think of a saying or catch phrase to print on the sash, which can then be created in a special colour or with a unique design. Hen night sashes are a great way for other party-goers to know that someone is a bachelorette, which will be fun for everyone involved. By combining a great tee shirt, as well as some additional accessories, each bride will feel special after seeing the time and effort that went into making the hen night a great time for everyone involved.

Hen nights are a popular tradition to celebrate a woman’s last bit of time before getting married, and the event should be made as special as possible for the bride. Guests at the hen night should consider purchasing items that will make the bride feel special. Some items, such as customised t shirts, can be used as great keepsakes for years to come. For an even more personal touch, you can compile all your memories of the bride and self-publish a coffee table book. A self-published book is a gift that’s sure to stand out and be special for years to come. Start with gathering all your materials and laying it out. After you’ve outlined the contents of your book, canvass self publishing book printers in the UK that specialises in hardback book printing. They should be able to assist you in your plans. Have copies printed for the happy couple, as well as all your friends. A hen night is a great time to let loose and have fun, and the night can be made even more special by adding fun items to stand out.

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