Different types of theme for your wedding

Different types of theme for your wedding

Themed wedding

Different types of theme for your wedding

When it comes to your special day choosing a theme would be the first thing on your mind. Once you have a theme, you can then start planning everything. Selecting a theme can be based on what you and your partner like or something that is meaningful for the both of you. You can either choose a simple elegant wedding theme or choose something entirely unique and fun. It’s really up to you and your partner’s preference. To help you choose a theme for your wedding, we’ve listed some ideas below.

destination weddingDestinations

You can easily base your theme to a destination. For example, you may like the vibe of a wedding in the beach. A beach wedding usually consists of fresh and exotic décors all around. If you’re not a beach type of person, you can always have your wedding in the city. Once you have chosen a city that you want to get married in, it’s very easy to get some inspiration from the area.


If you and your partner are both from different cultures or you simply love a particular culture, you can always customise your wedding to fit the theme. Each culture usually has their own traditions. For instance, in some Asian cultures, weddings last for several days and include body art, traditional wedding dress, ceremonies and celebrations. Asian weddings are usually colourful events and look stunning in photography. Working with a specialist Asian wedding photographer can help you to capture all the key moments.


The theme can also be based on your interests or your hobbies. You and your partner can always spice and mix things up by combining each of your interest together on your big day. Let’s say that your partner loves golf; you can always incorporate a part of his hobby to your wedding day.

Time period

For an old school type of theme, you can always look back at different eras and add this style to your wedding theme. For example, if you like the 60’s theme, you can jazz up your wedding music with different songs from the 60’s. You can be creative as you like simply by using different styles you like from the 60’s.


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