Why Hiring a Videographer is a Must for Asian Wedding Ceremonies

Why Hiring a Videographer is a Must for Asian Wedding Ceremonies

Asian wedding ceremony

Wedding videographers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. For a long time, and even today, many people hesitate and wonder whether they really need a video of their big day. When it comes to Asian weddings, however, a specialist Asian wedding videographer is a must. Why? Because all of the traditions and ceremonies make it more difficult to capture a wedding using traditional photography techniques so a combination of the two usually ensures that no aspect is missed.

First, let’s have a quick look at what different Asian wedding ceremonies involve.

Asian groom clothingAsian Wedding Ceremonies

Asian wedding ceremonies are rich with traditional rituals before, during and after the wedding day. Most of these ceremonies can span over a week and involve many intricate rituals. It will take a patient and open-minded videographer to capture all these special moments. It is important to sit with your videographer and explain all the parts of the ceremony and which you would like to have filmed.

Chinese Weddings – The colour red will appear a lot at Chinese weddings as it is seen as a lucky colour. There are many traditions and ceremonies that take place in preparation for the wedding day as well as on the day. One of the things that the bride and groom may definitely want to have on video, is the groom and his entourage that have to bribe the bridesmaids before being allowed into his bride’s home.

GaneshHindu Weddings – Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world and involves several rituals. Over the years, there have been different variations of the rituals and each wedding ceremony is done according to the preference of the couple. Each ritual has its own meaning and importance. The most important of the rituals is the Saptapadi which involves the couple taking seven steps while making seven vows. Some other rituals include Ganesh Puja which is a prayer to Lord Ganesh, Kanyadaan which is the giving away of the bride, and Agni Puja where the priest lights a fire as a sacred witness.

Muslim Weddings – The celebrations of Muslim weddings can vary between different cultures and regions. The Mahr is a tradition where the groom must buy the bride a gift of her choosing before the wedding. The actual wedding ceremony is called the Nikah during which the consent from both the bride and groom must be received and the bride and groom are usually in different rooms. All Muslim marriages must be declared publicly and this is often done by holding a banquet. How exactly the banquet is held and which traditions are followed varies culturally and by preference. It usually involves eating, drinking, and dancing.

Asian brideFor all of these Asian weddings, there are usually ceremonies or traditions that occur before the day. For example, the exchanging of gifts and sweets between families at the engagement party or the Mandap Muhurat where family and friends apply turmeric to the bride and groom’s skin to prepare for the ceremony. There is also a ritual where an Indian woman who is to be married receives henna paintings on her hands, arms, legs, feet, and palms. The families and the joining of the families also strongly feature in Asian weddings and they are involved in many of the rituals.

With some rituals, the bride or groom may not be allowed to see what happens as part of tradition or religious beliefs. These points should be shared with the videographer to make sure that he or she captures everything you want and either separate the restricted pieces from the main video or avoid recording it at all. It is important that the videographer knows that he or she will be following the wedding couple across several days and often may need to have more than one videographer to capture rituals that the bride and groom do separately.

So, why should you hire an Asian wedding videographer?

  1. MehndiTo share the day with your children and family members that couldn’t attend. Photographs and video are both very important ways of remembering one of the most important days in your life. Photographs, however, can only go so far in terms of sharing the emotion and the big moments, especially during ritual ceremonies. That is where the video is great. You can show your children the happiest day of their parents’ lives as well as all the important rituals and ceremonies that happened before the wedding day. It is a great way to teach them about tradition and ceremony. You can show the video to family and friends who live far, were sick, or couldn’t attend for other reasons.
  2. You get different versions of videos. Most videographers edit the wedding video to make a shorter video of highlights and great moments. This means that you can have the long version to watch together and also have a shorter version to share with others who don’t necessarily want to see the whole 3 hours, 5 days or longer. Most Asian ceremonies take place during the span of a week and will have a lot of video material, so a shortened version will definitely be handy. Some of the before-rituals only involve the bride or the parents, etc. Having a video of those moments will make it more special when the couple can see it together.
  3. Asian wedding dancerIt is your way of experiencing the day and the week again. Many wedding couples have said that the day goes by so fast and that they barely remember everything that happened. When you have a video of the wedding ceremony and all the before and after traditions, you can relive the day on your own time and at your own pace. You can see the parts where you were not involved. You can even watch your favourite moments over and over again.
  4. The videographer can capture moments in motion. Several of the ceremonies that are involved in Asian weddings involve movement, for example, the giving of gifts, rosaries, or other important objects or the walking of seven steps, etc. It also involves the reading and chanting of important scriptures and messages. There are so many things that happen that a photographer may not be able to capture in all its essence – to truly capture it, you may need sound and moving picture. This is one of the main reasons why an Asian wedding should have a videographer. Many of the rituals cannot be successfully captured only on photographs.

Wedding videography is definitely something that Asian couples should consider. It will give them the whole picture of what this very important event in their lives was like, even at times when they were not together.

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