Top 3 Tips for Hiring a Local Wedding Photographer

Top 3 Tips for Hiring a Local Wedding Photographer

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No matter how well-executed and amazing a wedding event is, it won’t be as memorable as it actually is without a stunning set of wedding photographs to remember the event by. Looking for the perfect photographer for your wedding? Here are several expert tips to keep in mind before you hire one.

1. Choose a local photographer who has experience shooting in your wedding venue

Edinburgh CastleAsk your prospective photographers if they have covered an event, preferably a wedding, in your chosen venue. A photographer who is familiar with the local area knows the best spots for taking your wedding photos. For example, if you’re considering a Scottish venue for your wedding such as the Edinburgh Castle, choosing a wedding photographer in Edinburgh ensures you’ll get the best shots because he already knows the shooting locations in the area that suits your theme well. He also knows which spots offer the perfect lighting that flatters the bride and the groom, as well as the most breathtaking backdrops for photos.

Hiring a local photographer is good not only for the quality of your wedding photos but also to your budget. Imagine how much you can save from a photographer who is based on your wedding location (or close to it) compared to someone who will have to travel far to get to your venue.

2. Decide on your preferred photography style

BrideTo save yourself from disappointment and heartbreak, you and your future spouse should agree first on the photography style for your wedding. A very talented photographer may not be the best choice if his style and your preferred style don’t match.

When choosing a style, consider your taste and your feeling of comfort being photographed a certain way. For example, if you hate staged shots of you and your guests, as well as being asked to do poses that make you feel awkward, then the nonintrusive nature of photojournalistic style might appeal to you. A photographer with a predominantly photojournalism background can capture the candid, emotional, and real moments without having to make people pose for the camera.

On the other hand, if you prefer more portrait shots, then the perfect photographer to hire is someone who specializes in portraiture.

3.  Go with the photographer you’re most comfortable with

The best photographer for your special day is someone who makes you feel comfortable in his presence and in front of the camera. This is why it’s important to meet your prospective photographers months before your wedding, so you can get a feel of their personality, weed out the ones whose behaviors are off-putting, and have a shortlist of those who quickly put you at ease. Of course, take note of the ones who show professionalism, such as showing up on time during your meeting.

Couples who are planning their big day should know that the wedding photographer is one of the most important suppliers they’ll ever work with, as this professional can either make or break the event. Thus, choosing one has to be given much thought.

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