How to budget on your wedding

How to budget on your wedding


For many couples, the expensive price of a wedding can sometimes hold them back from actually going ahead and planning the event. But did you know that you can still plan your dream wedding even if you are on a budget? And just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some of your fancy ideas as there are many alternatives you can look into that will save you money and still have what you wish for. We’ve provided some tips below that can help you budget when planning your wedding.


Hiring a photographer is one of the factors where you can save money. Instead of hiring. Why not ask your friends or family that owns or knows a bit about photography to take your wedding photos? Or if you want a professional photo, you can always look into hiring a photographer per hour and ask them to come for the special moments such as your ceremony or the after party.

Wedding cake

Instead of buying a large cake why not order a small decent size of cake that is customised to you and your partner’s liking? This way the cake would be more meaningful and personal for your wedding.

DIY Decorations

Making some of the decorations yourself will save you money and add more quirks and personality to your wedding. For example, why not create some DIY decorations that can be used for your wedding party?


Hiring the venue is where most of your money will be used. For a cheaper option, you may want to look at some local places that may be similar to what you are after. A local venue will help you save money on the travelling cost as well.

Cutting some cost in other areas of your wedding means you can afford to spend more on things that you see as the most important part of your wedding.

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