Wedding DIY Ideas

Wedding DIY Ideas

wedding sign

Weddings can be expensive as it involves many costs including your venues, dress, props, entertainment and food. To save some money, why not try a wedding DIY project? The mini DIY project will help you create crafty decorations or items that can be used for the wedding. To get started, we’ve come up with some ideas below.

Personalised napkins

You can save a few pounds on napkins simply by purchasing a personalised embosser with your chosen design and embossed them on a regular napkin. As a result, you would’ve made a personalised napkin and save a little extra money on the side.

Painted wooden sign

Instead of using customised signs, you can create your own by using a few materials. Start with a wooden board and a few colours of paints. For an artistic and rustic look, we recommend using white paint for the text and dark brown for the wooden base.

Flower centrepiece
The flower centrepiece is an important decoration for your dining area. Use a large glass bottle and fill it with your favourite flowers. Both items used for the decoration will cost you much cheaper compared to buying a ready-made centrepiece. It will also add a touch of class and elegance to the dining area.

Wedding card box
For any couples creating a vintage wedding theme, we recommend creating a wedding card box using an old vintage suitcase with a banner to let people know where to drop their wedding gift cards.

Wedding invitations

It’s much more fun to create your wedding invitations. There are different ways that you can be crafty with your wedding letters. It could include using a variety of mediums including calligraphy, watercolours or paint. You could also add a ribbon to make it look more elegant.  You can even choose the type of paper you would like to use for your card invitation.

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