Honeymoon on a budget

Honeymoon on a budget


Planning your wedding will involve a lot of expenses. Don’t forget the honeymoon after the wedding as this is something you will have to plan too. With so many expenses involved, some couples may not be able to afford a luxury honeymoon. However, it is still possible to plan a honeymoon with a budget in mind. We’ve found a few ideas that you can apply that can help you save money on your honeymoon. Below are some of our tips.

Travel offers

Check out your local travel agencies and see if they are offering an all-inclusive trip for a few night stay. An all-inclusive trip will not only save you money but reduce the hassle of planning everything for your honeymoon. This type of packages includes everything you need such as the accommodation, flight ticket and meals.

Short stay

A honeymoon doesn’t have to last for a week. Booking a weekend trip or even a 3-night stay will help you save a lot of money on your overall expenses including travel, accommodation and food. So before booking your trip make sure to reduce your honeymoon to a few nights to save money on your costs.


Instead of flying overseas, you can save even more by having your honeymoon in your country. You can choose a different city in your country where you can celebrate your honeymoon. If you live in the UK, there are plenty of choices that you can try including London, Bath, Oxford, Cambridge and so on.

Off-season trip

Another tip is to find all-inclusive trips that are off-season as they usually are cheaper. An off-season is less expensive as this is the time where fewer people are travelling. You may want to find out the offseasons in different countries to see which months are cheaper to book your trip.

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