Cheap Wedding Favours

Cheap Wedding Favours

cookie fortune

Wedding favours are an essential gift for all guests who are attending the wedding. Luckily wedding favours can be anything of your choice! If you’re on a budget, there’s plenty of wedding favours that you can buy for cheap! We’ve gathered numerous wedding favour ideas that won’t break the bank!


Chocolate is the perfect wedding favour, not only are they sweet but they are also cheap! You can purchase small squares of chocolates and add a personalised cover with your chosen quote. Getting the chocolates in bulk will save you some pennies!

mini soaps

Mini soaps

Soaps are another popular wedding favour. To keep everything on the cheap, you can order a mini version of soaps! You can purchase the mini soaps from online stores such as Etsy. When ordered in bulk, each soap will only cost you £1!

Glow sticks with a tag

Everyone loves a glow stick! It’s quirky, and you can personalise it with a paper card and have your quote and date printed on it. It’s also an easy DIY!

Wedding bubble wands

You can purchase a bundle of mini wedding bubble wands and have it personalised with your text. These bubble wands are very cheap and cute! Guests can use them for when the couple walk down the aisle.

Wedding fortune cookies

The wedding fortune cookies contain different quotes based on marriage and love. It’s a sweet addition to your wedding favour. It’s perfect for couples who are on a serious budget!

Glass hearts

Mini glass hearts can be personalised with the couples surname and wedding date. This mini wedding favour can also be added to the wedding table to add a personal touch!

Tea bag favours

Tea bag favour is a small DIY gift that you can personalise to your preference. Purchase a small see-through bag and add a teabag and a couple of sweets and it’s good to go!

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