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Wedding DIY Ideas

Wedding DIY Ideas

wedding sign

Weddings can be expensive as it involves many costs including your venues, dress, props, entertainment and food. To save some money, why not try a wedding DIY project? The mini DIY project will help you create crafty decorations or items that can be used for the wedding. To get started, we’ve come up with some ideas below.

Personalised napkins

You can save a few pounds on napkins simply by purchasing a personalised embosser with your chosen design and embossed them on a regular napkin. As a result, you would’ve made a personalised napkin and save a little extra money on the side.

Painted wooden sign

Instead of using customised signs, you can create your own by using a few materials. Start with a wooden board and a few colours of paints. For an artistic and rustic look, we recommend using white paint for the text and dark brown for the wooden base.

Flower centrepiece
The flower centrepiece is an important decoration for your dining area. Use a large glass bottle and fill it with your favourite flowers. Both items used for the decoration will cost you much cheaper compared to buying a ready-made centrepiece. It will also add a touch of class and elegance to the dining area.

Wedding card box
For any couples creating a vintage wedding theme, we recommend creating a wedding card box using an old vintage suitcase with a banner to let people know where to drop their wedding gift cards.

Wedding invitations

It’s much more fun to create your wedding invitations. There are different ways that you can be crafty with your wedding letters. It could include using a variety of mediums including calligraphy, watercolours or paint. You could also add a ribbon to make it look more elegant.  You can even choose the type of paper you would like to use for your card invitation.

Where to find cheap wedding invitations

Where to find cheap wedding invitations

wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are essential for your wedding. Ideally, you want to look for wedding invitations that are elegant, classy and reflects your wedding theme. The question is where you can find an invitation card that is affordable and are of high quality? Well thanks to the internet, there are a couple of companies who offer a variety of designs at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at the top places where you can find the best wedding invitations for cheap!

Amazon Handmade

Amazon has everything including handmade invitations for less price. The prices are very affordable too. To find your wedding invitation, simply click on the Amazon Handmade invitations category and browse through hundreds of designs. Better yet, they offer them on prime which means they can get delivered to you the very next day!

Vista Print

Vista print was originally known for business prints, but they have recently expanded and are now offering a great collection of wedding invitations on their website at a very low price.


Etsy is a massive online market where designers can sell their arts and crafts. If you’re looking for a unique, customised and affordable design, Etsy is the perfect place. You can even contact the seller and ask for a customised card of your choice.


Minted offers a wide variety of fresh designs invitation. One of their popular design is an all in one invitation that doesn’t require an envelope as the card comes with a folded design. This is great if you have a taste for modern and minimalistic design.

Paper Source

Paper source offers a printable wedding invitation meaning you can print the design in your terms. They also provide great discounts for bulk buying. You can find a great selection of wedding designs and themes on their website.  

How to budget on your wedding

How to budget on your wedding


For many couples, the expensive price of a wedding can sometimes hold them back from actually going ahead and planning the event. But did you know that you can still plan your dream wedding even if you are on a budget? And just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some of your fancy ideas as there are many alternatives you can look into that will save you money and still have what you wish for. We’ve provided some tips below that can help you budget when planning your wedding.


Hiring a photographer is one of the factors where you can save money. Instead of hiring. Why not ask your friends or family that owns or knows a bit about photography to take your wedding photos? Or if you want a professional photo, you can always look into hiring a photographer per hour and ask them to come for the special moments such as your ceremony or the after party.

Wedding cake

Instead of buying a large cake why not order a small decent size of cake that is customised to you and your partner’s liking? This way the cake would be more meaningful and personal for your wedding.

DIY Decorations

Making some of the decorations yourself will save you money and add more quirks and personality to your wedding. For example, why not create some DIY decorations that can be used for your wedding party?


Hiring the venue is where most of your money will be used. For a cheaper option, you may want to look at some local places that may be similar to what you are after. A local venue will help you save money on the travelling cost as well.

Cutting some cost in other areas of your wedding means you can afford to spend more on things that you see as the most important part of your wedding.

Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Now I know you’re getting pretty excited and jumpy (we can’t blame you!) so maybe you need to take the first few tiny steps into planning your big wedding day. You can start with notes, some research from the internet, some advice from close friends and relatives who have first-hand experience — will you have a theme? Will you want to make it simple, brief but intimate? Or do you want to make it the grandest wedding you’ve ever seen? You may need all the help you can get that’s why always be open to suggestions and wedding ideas you may come across so by the time you need to decide on what to get, you’d be all set and ready to go.

When organising this big day, you can really experiment with the venue. You may be married in a church, in the town hall or on a beach, but where will your guests eat and relax after? Reception rooms and halls can be expensive and not always to your taste. One great idea you could consider is hiring a wedding marquee. By using one, you can really experiment with the décor, hold hundreds of guests, create an eating area and dance floor in one. These elegant canopies will be significantly less costly than other options, and you can really make it your own.

If you are struggling finding a good venue, how to decorate the room, rent furnishings, set the tables and organise food, you might need some professional assistance. Before you get too overwhelmed, you should consider hiring an event management company, who will also double as a wedding caterer and planner. All you have to do is tell the planners your vision and they can work out what would be best and how it can be made possible. Wedding venues also have in-house planners you can hire with packages you can easily choose from. Check the hotels around your area that offer this complete service.

Everyday, make sure you make progress until you decide on a wedding date — that’s when our schedule needs to be more organised and decided so you will be accomplishing more each day. A wedding date may you and your partner’s anniversary, the day of your first date, first kiss — anything goes.

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How To Minimise Wedding Stress

How To Minimise Wedding Stress

Bride & Groom

We all want things to go effortlessly and hassle-free on our wedding day. There are many options to choose from, numerous considerations to think about and even a longer list to accomplish before the big day. The big question is: are you on the right track? Are you doing things right? From table linens to your wedding hair and make up, can you pull everything off without a hitch? Can you make each day as productive until the final countdown you don that beautiful wedding dress and or be able to kiss the bride — finally! Planning your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience that you must try to enjoy. Though the stress might be overwhelming, taking it one step at a time will eventually lead you there.

However, there maybe moments those things will be getting a bit more stressful than expected. At the start of your wedding planning (yes, a wedding planner must be considered and must come highly recommended especially if it’s a big, grand celebration) everything seems to be so perfect — everything is like the next great thing to heaven. When planning stretches to days and weeks and months, that’s when stress starts to creep in. That’s when the headache gets a little bit more severe. You may like losing a couple of pounds but we hope it’s not because of the stress. You need to be as blooming and blossoming everyday, you know. Now we don’t want you to get you all worried. Weddings are magical and they are always deemed as the “happily ever after” part that’s why it shouldn’t be nowhere near perfection. So breathe — and let’s take things one at a time.

If you’re worried about your budget, its best to take it on gradually. Do proper research when looking for suppliers online. Don’t just go with the trendiest or the most popular one either as these choices tend to be impractical. Instead, hire local suppliers from your area.

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